The Benefits of XanGo

September 30, 2007 at 3:35 pm (blogging, helpful tips, myself & I, opinions, real life, XanGo)

XanGo is an all natural fruit juice that helps with more then 40 health issues. The main fruit used in the juice, Mangosteen, contains more then 40 xanthones. Xanthones are powerful antioxidants that provide your body with health enhancing benefits. Unlike most health juices, you can drink XanGo if you are pregnant, and you can start drinking XanG at a young age as well. You can also take it with prescribed medications. There really are no health risks like a lot of the health juices out there, so it’s worth a try. That was my outlook. It won’t harm me and could quite possibly help me out, so I went for it.

Here are a few of the benefits it lists in the pamphlet that I have found it helps with:

  • Antibotic. It helped modulate bacterial infections, which are always a risk after having a surgery.
  • Helps with anxiety. I found that when I took it everyday, my anxiety level went way down. I stress less about things 🙂
  • Anti-depressant effect.Xango juice makes you feel happy. My boyfriend pointed out that every time I took my Xango I seemed to be a lot happier. It lifted my spirits, so to speak!
  • Periodontal (supports gum health). My gums are sensitive, and they bleed easily. Since I have been taking Xango, I’ve noticed less “pink in the sink”.
  • Migraines.Now I don’t get migraines, but sometimes I do get really bad headaches. Xango helps dull the throbbing pain, and makes it go away faster then waiting it out.
  • Energizer.Yup, Xango is definitely an energy booster. That’s why my mom always reminds me to take it if I am dragging.
  • Anti-inflammatory.With my disorder, my joints become inflamed easily. Xango helped minimize it and when I take it when I’m supposed to, this rarely happens to me. Unless I fall down the stairs or something. Than I will be inflamed for a little while, but Xango will help the inflammation go down faster.
  • Analgestic (may reduce pain). For me, it definitely has. I do still feel some pain, but not as much as I normally do.
  • Anti-pyretic (may lower fever). I haven’t even gotten a fever since I’ve been on Xango! I normally catch everything too.
  • Antiviral.Oh man, I swear I used to get a cold just about every other week! Since I’ve been on Xango, I’ve had way less colds, and if I do get them, I get better faster.
  • Immune modulator. Maybe I get fevers and colds less because Xango is said to help improve immune response, and my immune response since on Xango has stepped way up.
  • Irritable bowel. It reduces bowel inflammation, so I can have more spicy foods! Which is good, because my boyfriend loves spicy foods and always makes me eat spicy foods!
  • It tastes good! It really does! I drink it and I am a very picky person!

There are several other benefits of taking XanGo, but the ones I listed above are what I feel the Mangosteen juice has helped me with. Remember, everybody won’t respond to it the same way; some times it takes longer for the juice to kick in, which is why they recommend The 90 Day Mangosteen Juice Trial. I know several people who tried it for the 90 days, didn’t notice any improvements so they got off only to notice the difference they felt after not taking it.

Truthfully, it is a little bit expensive but look at it this way: so are all those different medications you take for different symptoms of things. Cold medicine, fever medicine, pain medicine, migraine medicine. It all adds up. So why not try XanGo? What harm can it do? Take The 90 Day Mangosteen Juice Trial and see if you notice a difference; whether you are on it or off it. For more information, go to



  1. Distribute This! « A Medical Mystery said,

    […] 25th, 2007 by JC I am now going to actively distribute XanGo, so if you are interested in trying the mircle juice, check out my very own website and contact […]

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    I live in Rhode Island and work for a company Xango. We sell a health and wellness product that is in juice form. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and cox2 inhibitor (decreases pain) as well as antioxidant. The company that we work for is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Please email me at or give me a call @ 401-464-2232 if you are interested in further information. More information can also be found at

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