The Future

February 3, 2008 at 3:23 am (blogging, myself & I, rambling, real life, resources, worries/concerns)

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life, and which direction I wish to take it in. I would honestly love to work in the social services field, but I’m not entirely sure that I’m cut out for that. I have never been able to separate work from all the other little categories of my life; I tend to bring it home with me. That can be very damaging when you are working in the social services field. Being a Child and Youth worker takes a certain kind of person who not only wants to help and is good at it, but one that can also separate it from their lives and not constantly think about their cases. I’m good for the first two, but I have yet to master the skill of leaving stuff at the office.

So now I am rethinking my life – which I really should have done before going to college. I was so sure that was what I wanted. Now I’m afraid to make the same mistake; be so sure of something only to find out it wasn’t what I wanted or expected. I’m making each decision by heavily weighing the pros and cons – and I’ve yet to come up with any ideas.

My only talents really are writing and helping people. I have never been wonderful in the maths, and thanks to my lovely medical condition, I can’t do all those physically demanding jobs like being a doctor or nurse. A lot of people want to write books, and unfortunately not everybody is successful. As my mom has always said, it’s a rather unstable future.

Now I would like to help people, travel, and write (not necessarily in that order). I have always wanted to travel all over the world, and write about my adventures, and helping people has always been something I enjoy doing.

Here are some careers I’ve been reconsidering:

  1. Journalism: I could travel to exotic locations and do a write up about it. Or I could do write ups about local restaurants and stuff. Mmm…food tester!
  2. Photographer: Photography is always something that has interested me; and I could possibly travel with that too.
  3. Child and Youth Work: Despite me being unsure if I could handle the pressure, I would certainly still love to help children/youth or even adults.

My friend Matt told me about this program called Katimavik; basically it is a program that runs for 9 or 8 months and participants live in three regions of Canada and do volunteer work. It’s an amazing learning experience and sounds like an adventure; to both travel and help people…wow. And it could quite possibly give me time to decide what I want to do, since I’m really no closer to deciding what I want.

So I applied for an application, and I will be talking to my parents. I really don’t want to go to school for anything unless I am positive it is what I want.

I have a question for everyone: how did you choose the career path you’re on now? How do you know when it’s right?


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