About the Medical Mystery

I am an 18 year old soon to be college freshmen in the Child and Youth Worker Program (starting this September 08). I chose to work in this field because helping people has always been something I enjoy doing. I want to work with developmentally handicapped children.


I was born June 15th, 1989 at the same hospital my father was born at. From the moment my mother first held me, she knew something wasn’t quite right; my bones shifted every time she picked me up, and I felt more fragile then a newborn should. She had had my sister 13 months before me, and knew what that level of fragile should be. She took me to several doctors to see if anything was wrong with my spine, but they all said the same thing; I was fine.

At 14 months, I stood up to walk and fell down, shaking my head. At 18 months, my parents noticed my first tumour on the back of my shoulder. They thought I had gotten it from playing roughly with my sisters Kate and Shannon, but they took me to a bone specialist anyway. It was then that I was diagnosed; not officially, as I don’t think they knew the name, but it was acknowledged that I had extra bones.

I went to the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for the 18 years of my life, and recently moved on up to an “adult” hospital. I have yet to have any surgeries at my new hospital, as I just met my doctor this year and I don’t want surgeries to interfere with my studies. I want to graduate on time.

Having grown up with a medical disorder; I’m quite grown up for my age and always have been. I am not impressed by gossip magazines, caked on makeup, being popular or back stabbing people. I like being comfortable with myself and those who I am friends with. I would rather have one good friend then 20 fake friends. I try to live life to the fullest without letting my medical disability shaping who I am completely.

This blog was created to make MHE more known and help youth and adults with MHE have someone to relate too through the experiences, opinions, and feelings shared through each post.


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