Lost Beauty

May 13, 2008 at 3:35 pm (bad things, blogging, myself & I, rambling, real life, story telling, the past, worries/concerns)

A single rose, wilting with death,
Once was beautiful,
With bright red petals, standing tall for all to see.
Now it wilts, the life gone, the beauty gone.
No one stops to admire the rose now,
No one wants to give it to their loved one now.
It’s an ugly dead thing, to be thrown out.
It has no significant value anymore.
One looking at it now would not have known,
That once, this rose caught the attention of many.
This symbol of love, the chosen flower of Valentine’s Day,
Now rotting away slowly in it’s vase.

I wrote this poem December 8th, 2004 for a school project – that’s like 4 years ago. I know it’s not very good or anything, but I like it. I’ve never really been a poet, any poems that I have written over the past years have either been for school or to help me over come things. I can’t find any of my other poems I’ve written, and I only found this one because I was cleaning my room and found the assignment it was for. For some reason, I kept this grade 10 assignment around and finding it today, I thought it would be interesting to share.

Only a couple more weeks to my [somewhat dreaded] doctor’s appointment. In the mean time I’m still job hunting and now I’m in the process of getting a car (and finishing my drivers ed in cars). The recreation group has unfortunately screwed me over, or rather G.A – the old Program Director – has after leaving suddenly and basically telling me to “stop talking to him” when I sent him an email asking what was going on. See I thought we were friends, so I was worried about one of my friends when they abruptly left their job at a critical time. Whatever though. Unfortunately this means that I now don’t have any letters of recommendation, and I also have to re-do the summer student interview. So a new job I am searching for! It’ll probably end up being a crappy fast food, retail or other such costumer service job…not at all what I wanted to do this summer, but I’ll take the paychecks.



  1. Bennie said,

    It is wonderful prose. Definitely sad but I’d say you have some talent there. I finally got around to the meme. I just posted it. Hope you find it funny and enjoyable.

  2. Sarah said,

    Don’t knock yourself about this. It’s a decent poem, some bits are a little rough, but I rather like it quite a bit. I’m no professional or anything but it’s good.

    I’ll be waiting to see how your Doctor’s appt goes. I hope that it goes well and he doesn’t pull any bull and say you are complaining because that’s obviously not what you are doing. While I don’t have a chronic disease or anything too serious I know what’s it’s like to be in constant pain and having authority figures just tell you to stop complaining and I know that’s its not fun and it hurts when they don’t take your pain or worries seriously. I’ve had it out with a few people over this so I am rooting for your appointment to go better than it did before.

  3. Girl, Dislocated said,

    You should make a file for all of the writing you happen to find. That way they won’t get lost again, and you can easily refer back to them when you want to.

    Good luck with the doctor’s appointment and finding a job. Hopefully even if you end up having to take a job in a different field, it won’t be too hard on your body (or your sanity!)

  4. ksjosha said,

    i like that poem very much.
    i think it`s very emotional and hurtfull by the way.
    were you hurted when you written this?

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