Smiles are for lots of things

December 12, 2007 at 4:06 pm (bad things, blogging, myself & I, rambling, real life)

A smile can say a lot of things; it can mean you are happy, or that you are sad. It can mean that you didn’t like what you just heard, or your holding back emotions too complicated to comprehend or too difficult to share.

Smiles can mean you feel great, or they can mean you feel horrible. How does one tell the differences between all those different sorts of smiles, used for so many different things? I’m not even sure what half of my smiles mean!

Smiles can really be deceiving though. I would never base a persons happiness on how much they smile, because in the end half the time smiles are just cover ups for the true feelings that lie beneath the surface…the true feelings that nobody wants to ask you about because they know that if you are smiling its because you don’t want to or can’t share those feelings.

My friend Brad smiled a lot, but he wasn’t happy. If he was happy, then he wouldn’t have driven into that guardrail. Sure, there could have been issues with his breaks but he literally drove straight into it from the driveway of our old high school. Speeding. He was upset about a fight with his girlfriend.

We all fight with the people in our lives that we care about. It’s in human nature to take out bad things on the people you care about most; because they love you and will let it happen. They will forgive you in the end for acting the way you did. For the outside world, all you can do is smile though.

So right now I am smiling, not because I’m happy but because I am not happy. I am stressed and upset and having a difficult time dealing with all that has been thrown at me in the past month. There has been a lot thrown at me…things I  don’t discuss in the blogging world because it isn’t my place to discuss them.

But the good thing about smiling when you aren’t happy is that sometimes, if you really try to believe it…you can convince yourself that you are happy.




  1. Girl, Dislocated said,

    I find there are less questions if I smile, but it can be tiring. Spending time alone helps me recharge and makes me ready to re-join society. Take a break from putting up a front, spend some time doing something that you genuinely like doing, but also make sure you acknowledge your feelings, even if you can only do that when you’re alone.

  2. JC said,

    I am going to do that GD, don’t worry. Just not right now…during exams…or during the holidays…or after the holidays…but eventually I will.

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