Work and School

November 25, 2007 at 6:08 am (blogging, helpful tips, myself & I, rambling, real life, story telling)

I realize that I have neglected to update on my life at school and work since the whole breakup ordeal (which, by the way, I am over as my exboyfriend has shown his true personality colours and they weren’t so pretty).

Work is going good…sort of. Since I started, I had developed a small crush on one of the guys that I work with. He is in the same program as me and actually quite adorable. However, I have recently decided that I don’t have a crush on him. Yes, I find him attractive, but his personality is not all that great. He’s a bit of an arrogant jerk, to say the least, and he gets on my nerves very easily. I dislike people who get on my nerves.

Anyways, my non-crush aside, working has been interesting. I was bit for the first time ever last week, and it hurt a lot. My own fault; I was brushing one of the guys’ teeth and decided that I would be able to clean them better if I parted his lips more. Um, bad idea. Thanks tips. So it was numb and bruised for quite some time; it’s actually still bruised but it is no longer numb. Then today I got pinched.

Oh the rewards! I love it though. I’ve grown attached to all of the guys, even the one that bit me and the one that pinched me. I’ll be sad when I have to say goodbye in April (I am leaving to go work for the recreational group as I can’t afford summer rent on the paycheck I am making now).

But thanks to this group home job, I feel a lot stronger. I feel better about myself because I feel a lot stronger. I’m going to start going to a gym to get in better shape, and I’ll do all those physio exercises I was instructed to do forever ago but never did do. I got busy…what can I say? Although I definitely DO recommend physio to people who just had surgery; and don’t skip out on it like I do. I have a lot more problems now because I didn’t listen.

School is…oh wow. I can’t even think of a word to describe school; probably because it is so late early. I have been putting off a lot of projects to the last moment. Not such a good idea, but it’s difficult for me to focus on them what with the recent events (that I’m now over…except for being mad about). I am so sick of group work, I could rip my hair out and cry. Actually I might still do that, thanks to one of my groups in one of my classes.

We have a presentation this Wednesday and I’m not prepared. Why? Because one of the people in my group decided that we should over complicate a simple presentation on aboriginal traditional medicine by dividing it up into millions of categories and each of us presenting one of them. Ya. I haven’t been able to find a whole heck of a lot on aboriginal ways of dealing with chronic pain through traditional medicines (that was the topic that was “suggested” to me). Not to mention, I truly don’t believe we they should be making it that complicated. The class won’t follow. Our information will be all over the place and screwy. But do people listen to me? Nope. They all think it’s a wonderful idea.

Whatever. I’m so stressed out about school thanks to group work that I am beginning to not care. Finials are in two weeks. Ya, another amazing thing to look forward too.

Anyways, that is how work and school are going. I’m still trucking though, and that is the important thing!



  1. Connie said,

    What is it with group work in colleges now? My dd has the same issues. She hates it! Why can’t you just be graded on individual work? Dare I say that the professors want an easy way out?!

  2. Laurie Edwards said,

    I’ve tagged you for a meme. Check out my blog for details…

  3. Bennie said,

    JC, finally getting caught up on my blog friends. It sounds like you have a FULL plate these days! You still amaze me with all the strength you have.

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