Every Stitch Has a Story

November 22, 2007 at 5:12 am (bad things, blogging, myself & I, pictures & videos, real life, reflecting, story telling)

When I look in the mirror, I see a person covered in scars. They vary in size, shape, and colour even. Some are huge, red and ugly, while others have paid their dues and are less noticeable and pale pink.

But those kazillion stitches have a story. They all represent a time in my life and obstacles that I have overcome.

I am not just refering to the physical scars I have; even though I do have quite a lot of those. These physical scars leave emotional scars that only I know are there. They too, will heal over time.

a tattoo

My heart, much like my body, has several stitches piecing it together. There have been things in my life that have added to a tear in my heart, which I immediately stitched back up again. It’s not good to let open wounds bleed, or so they say.

So the event of this breakup has tore my heart again, but I shall stitch it together. And it will represent yet another story of my past, and one day…it won’t hurt so much. It only hurts now because it is fresh, so each movement pulls at the stitches and reminds me just how much it hurts.



  1. Connie said,

    So is that your tattoo? Keep writing. It will help you.

    How’s work and school going?

  2. JC said,

    No, this isn’t my tattoo…but if I were to get one, it would be something like this, only different lol.

    Work and school are going good – I shall have to post about them, later though since I’m off to work now!!

  3. Keith said,

    I absolutely love this tattoo! I have been searching for a heart with stitches that represents the loves lost and found in my life. I will have a similar one tattooed on my body adjacent to my broken heart tattoo.

  4. yaya said,

    Wow I just read wht u wrote & I know wht u mean. I have cuts & scars on my body from may times I have cut just to not think about how much pain my heart is in. I’ve just broke up with my guy, & well the fucking pain I’m in is just killing me in the inside. I cut, just to feel sumthing, bcuz the pain in my heart has made me so numb.

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