Oh noes, look at my toes!

November 1, 2007 at 6:28 pm (blogging, myself & I, pictures & videos, rambling, real life, story telling)

So I have decided to share with you all my gorgeous toes, since I’ve already showed you my arms and legs. So, here we have it; my toes:

two feet

Yes, they are all festive for Halloween! But that aside, you’ll notice that my left toes are shaped very interestingly. They have been like that since long before I could remember, and I always have to have them placed in that way, or else it is extremely uncomfortable and painful.

Here, take a closer look;

oh noes my toes!

I know they appear to be webbed; but they aren’t. They are just very crocked. You can only imagine the discomfort of painting my toe nails, since the baby toe and the one beside that sort of curve inwards and if I move them it is very uncomfortable and painful, but I still do it anyway.

I do remember on one occasion after a surgery when the nurse was trying to help me get comfortable. She tried to pry apart my toes and get them straight for some ridiculous reason. Of course, this intrusion was followed by me screaming and crying. My mom just calmly walked up to me and readjusted my toes to the position that they have always been in, and I shut up immediately and went to sleep.

I never really understood why the lady was touching my toes in the first place and moving them around trying to adjust them. If I’m not complaining about something, please don’t try to fix it. Changes are you’ll just make it worse.

Amusingly enough, I never really had a use for the nurses since my mom stayed with me during hospital visits. I am naturally very shy when it comes to going pee, and I definitely did not want strangers helping me out. So my mom did. I disliked it when anybody but my mom adjusted my pillows and blankets; as they never did it quite as right as she did. She also sneaked good food for me to eat because she knew how nasty hospital food could get. If I needed anything in the night, she was there. Really the nurses were only there to give me medicine and check my IV.

Yes, I suppose you could say I really am a strange person, from my toes to my preferences!


Do you have any interesting stories (like my odd toes) that you feel like sharing in the comments? Feel free too! I love hearing them!



  1. Girl, Dislocated said,

    That was ridiculously presumptuous of that nurse to take it upon herself to rearrange your toes for you! Your mom sounds like an awesome hospital companion. I’m glad she stays with you!

  2. Connie said,

    I have the flattest fingernails I’ve ever seen. I guess every person that does manicures feels the same way since they all say very loudly, “Look at how flat her nails are!”

    I also have a large birthmark that’s on the back of my leg that goes all the way up to my butt. It used to be really dark when I was young, kinda freckly.

    I had a CT scan done of my abdomen a few years ago and the radiologist freaked out and told me to go see my gastro doc right away. He calmly asked me if I had any birthmarks. When I told him about my leg he said that I also have a birthmark on my liver! Cool, huh?

  3. JC said,

    Girl, Dislocated; I know! I could have smacked that nurse! I know they mean well, but JEEZE! Think before you rearrange! I’m glad she stays with me too.

    Connie; I have the weirdest fingernails too; most of them are “v” shaped and throughout my childhood because of the weird shape they were cracked. Only one is still cracked now! I have never gotten a manicure before. Ever.
    A birthmark on your liver? That is cool!

  4. Dave said,

    the nerve of her to try and move your toes! my pinky toes overlap my 4th toes and someone tried to “fix” them once when i was getting my ankle x-rayed/ she thought i was making my toes do that

    drop me an email if you’d like to commiserate about our toes or just chat about other things (daverich22@yahoo.com)


  5. Dave said,

    hey your toes are fine. my pinky toes overlap my 4th toes and x-ary tech once tried straigthening them out before doing an x-ray of my ankle. i coulnt belive that nurse tried “fixing” your toes!

    feel free to email me if youd like to discuss our toe woes or other subjects



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