The Best Way to Solve a Problem

October 24, 2007 at 3:43 pm (blogging, myself & I, rambling, real life, reflecting, working, worries/concerns)

Yesterday I did mention my concerns to the house manager, and she told me that we weren’t even supposed to be picking up residents to move them. Apparently, the guy who was training me does it because its the easy way out. If they are being stubborn, you are to leave them and come back to them. Or convince them it’s the funnest thing ever, whatever works.

She assured me that she does not want me to lift someone, and even if I can’t help assist all I have to do is tell somebody. She apologized for the impression the guy training me gave, and reminded me to not pick people up and if I have to help assist, lift with my legs and not my back. So talking it out helped; I now have a better idea of what is expected of me.
Which brings me to something else that is complicated; my knees. They are weak from all the surgeries and current bone growths surrounding them. But I suppose it’s better to strain your knees then your back, as I have done both before and the back is certainly more painful.

My second day of work was much better than my first. I had a different person training me, and she showed me a lot of important things – like how to turn on the damn dryer – that the first guy forgot about. I was also 90% more comfortable with the residents. This is pretty impressive, considering it was only my second day. It took be a lot more time to get comfortable with everybody at the recreational group, but I suppose it was because I was a lot shyer. Now, not so much. I get the impression that most of them like me, or at least don’t mind me. One of them I haven’t gotten through to yet, but I’ll work on him.

I can stand my own ground now, and nobody has to rush to my rescue to help me.

I took great joy out of getting everything and more accomplished. The person working 3rd position is supposed to complete one student job a day, and we completed the one for Tuesday in no more then in 10 minutes. Plus I sort of did today’s job since I knew I would end up doing it and it was pretty nasty (today’s job is cleaning the staff bathroom – yuck!).

After work today, Neil and I stopped off at the drug store so I could grab a tube of Abreva, it seems to be working. I also bought my all time favourite chocolates; milk chocolate Lindor by Lindt. Yum! Nothing better then chocolate for breakfast!

Tomorrow is my day off. My police record check is in and I think I should also go to the hospital and get an x-ray of my back, just to be sure I know exactly what is going on. I am hoping the family doctor is able to handle this, as I really don’t want to travel all the way to Toronto to get an x-ray. Plus I don’t think I have a ride.

Oh, and today my Barns and Noble order finally came in. After reading about a book written by Donna Williams, a woman with Autism, in my Introduction to Psychology textbook, I decided to beg my parents for money to order it online. Somebody, Somewhere finally arrived today and I’m excited to read it. I will post a review when I’m finished, and according to an email I received from Tiffany, my copy of Sick Girl Speaks is also on it’s way. Thanks Tiffany! I’m excited to get it! And do not worry, word of mouth will get out! I never shut up about amazing books šŸ˜‰


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  1. Girl, Dislocated said,

    Nothing wrong with chocolate for lunch and dinner either! šŸ˜‰

    I’m glad it turned out there won’t be any lifting expected of you!

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