Lipstick won’t cover THIS mess up

October 23, 2007 at 3:22 pm (blogging, myself & I, opinions, pictures & videos, rambling, real life, story telling, surgeries, worries/concerns)

Directly after one of my surgeries, the breathing tube they were removing from my throat slipped and cut the right side of my lower lip. It became infected and remained so for several weeks. Before this, I never got cold sores, but then I started to. Every time I was getting a cold or virus, I would get a cold sore. Probably because there was more bacteria in my mouth, and thanks to the after surgery lip infection, that area of my lip is more prone to getting cold sores. I always get them in the same spot too.


I think that during the impact of having two people jump on my head and back, I must have bit down on my lip. Now it is infected and looks like a cold sore, but I can’t be too sure if it is. I might have just bitten down on it and caused the skin to break, therefore causing another infection.

Now my lip is very sore. I ran out of that Abreva stuff and really need to pick some up. Usually it helps with my lip issues, be it a cold sore or an infection. That’s what I used after that surgery when my lip got infected, and it helped.

Alas, I am wondering how I could possibly get an infection while in a clean hospital, but I suppose I should not question it. This is my life, this is what happens to me.

If my back pain doesn’t go away by Thursday, I promise I will go see a doctor about it. Unless it will prevent me from going to the Halloween Dance at the recreational group. Then I’ll put it off again, I really want to go!!! I won’t be dancing of course, but I already have my costume and I’m pumped to go!

I’m about to get ready for work again. I still haven’t decided on what I’m going to do. If the house manager is there, I will talk to her about things. I really don’t want to give up, but what assistance can I be? However, giving up is bad because then it will prove to everyone who didn’t believe I could do it that they were right. Who wants to prove someone right for not believing in you? Ok, so I suppose they just know me and my limits better, because they are the ones that watch me crash and burn, so it really isn’t fair to say they don’t believe in me. Sigh. This is my career though…



  1. Girl, Dislocated said,

    I don’t think hospital acquired infections are that rare–they’re called nosocomial infections. Obviously hospitals are supposed to try to sterilize everything, but with so many sick people in one place, and nurses/doctors going from one patient to another infections are still possible. Plus, when they use antimicrobials it weeds out the “weaker” infectious agents, leaving behind infectious agents that are resistant.

    I think talking to the house manager is a smart move. Quitting this specific job for the sake of your health and safety, doesn’t have to mean leaving your career. If it doesn’t work out where you are now, there are probably similar places that delegate the responsibilities of the employees differently (for example, employees who are in charge of organizing/assisting with activities, and employees who are responsible for restraining/lifting people)

  2. JC said,

    That is true Girl, Dislocated, very true!!!
    Maybe I should write a complaint, just so they consider the infectious resistant agents!!!

  3. samantha-jayne said,

    im naturally getting cold sores and i feel so disgusting when people call it herpes and i feel really bad. tomorrow i was meant to be going to my boyfriend’s house and now i can’t even kiss him because i have a cold sore and i cant even do anything to him because i dont want to risk giving it to him. it’s scary that i can NEVER get rid of when i dont even know how i got it to start with. im really confused about why i get them when i see barely anyone else who get them, its just not fair. i just HAD to be the red head with herpes. ugh, thats so disgusting.

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