Living On My Own

October 17, 2007 at 3:42 am (blogging, family, myself & I, rambling, real life, reflecting, story telling)

I have yet to really post about my life of freedom slavery over school work and the excitement that is my first apartment. A year ago today, I would have never pictured myself to be here. I thought I wasn’t going to graduate high school, and I had all but given up hope on graduating with my friends. It was depressing really, who wants to have to stay an extra year and not get to graduate with their friends? I certainly didn’t, which is why when I heard that you could earn up to 6 credits with full day co-op, I jumped right on that band wagon.

Normally, you earn 8 credits per year. I was short 2 due to dropping classes that I was too far behind in thanks to my double surgery year, and when I entered grade 12 it didn’t look like I was going to earn enough credits to graduate. But upon learning that, I worked my little bum off at co-op and managed to put in 660 hours of co-op. I think I had a total of two sick days. Two! It was shear will and determination that kept me going. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel; the possibility of graduating with my friends was too sweet to resist. I told myself I would catch up on sleep later. I loved the 9-5 aspect, the routine of going in and seeing all the smiling faces of the day program members, and getting to be a part of the greater picture of the recreational group. I applied late for one single college program, and for the solid week after I applied I worried about not getting accepted. Normally, you apply for a lot of different schools and programs that are similar to what you are interested in, but the college I am at now was the only one with openings. So I waited and hoped that my hard work wasn’t going to be for nothing.

It wasn’t, and I got accepted into the Social Service Worker program. My dad was happy that I got accepted, but sad that the college was further away from home then the community college my sister goes to. To warm him up to the idea, I bought him a shirt that said “My Kid And My Money Go To ——- College”, it was my way of telling him that this was what I wanted.

Then came the painful decision of moving out. Since I do not have a license, making the 45 minute drive every day was definitely not going to happen – at least not legally anyway. My parents both work full time, so neither of them were able to drive me nor were they able to switch their schedules around. Luckily, through the housings officer I found an apartment. Rent is pretty good, all utilities included. I even have access to their wireless internet! The couple is very nice and has the same sort of rules that my parents have (no over night guests, no partying, etc). The house is a minute walk to the bus stop that takes me directly to the college.

I am definitely enjoying living on my own (although some times I awaken to the day care kids being loud and tend to get a bit cranky over it). My roommate, Stephanie, and I get along great. We used to go to public school together, but she moved before middle school and I haven’t really seen her since. Luckily, we are past the “re-getting to know” each other phase and are definitely more comfortable with each other.

Still though, I find myself missing my parents and sisters. I miss the free meals that always taste so amazing and the inside jokes and laughter my sisters and I share – when we aren’t fighting.

However, I feel as if I have developed stronger relationships with my parents and sisters now that I’ve moved out. I talk to my mom about everything and anything now, same with my sisters. We’re actually civil to each other! This is shocking, trust me, when I lived at home we fought like cats and dogs!

So I am glad that I moved out; not only am I learning how to be more independent and self efficient, but I am also developing stronger relationships with my family. I still miss them like crazy though.



  1. Connie said,

    It is nice to be out on your own. It’s also normal to have those homesick feelings. I still believe at my age (much older than you, old enough to be your mom!) that my Mom’s cooking is so much better than mine.

    And food always tastes better when someone else makes it, even if it’s a sandwich. I guess you get used to it after a while though.

    It’s nice to see that you miss your family especially your sisters. There’s no bond like sisters. Love ’em, fight with ’em but always know that they have your back. I’ve instilled that in my two girls even though there’s a big age difference.

    You write so well. I’ll be waiting on your book to be published.

  2. JC said,

    Awh thank you Connie! It is very nice to be out on my own, and I definitely will never be as good as my mom and granny when it comes to cooking!

    I hope that my book actually gets published, wouldn’t want to keep you waiting for nothing!

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