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October 12, 2007 at 2:58 am (blogging, myself & I, pictures & videos, rambling, real life, reflecting, story telling)

Ever since before I can remember, I have loved to create stories. I love writing and getting all of my ideas down on paper (or on the computer I should say since writing for long periods of time causes more pain then typing for long periods of time). My dream has always been that I want to write books. I want to be a published author, and I want people to learn something from the books I write. I literally have a notebook full of plot ideas and summaries, and one day when I get the time, I’ll actually make books out of those plot ideas.

Since the 7th grade I have toyed with the idea of writing a book based on a girl who has MHE. This girl would experience all of the things that any person with MHE experiences; the surgeries, the pain, the feelings of isolation and loneliness, and all those other joyful things that we go through. This girl would also learn and grow from her experiences. I want to write this story not only to really make my disorder known, but to also help “regular” kids see from the outside how having a disorder can make you feel.

I’m not sure yet if I’ll cater my stories to young adults or if I’ll write for adults. The story I am working on now about the girl who has MHE is catered more to the young adults, but I am making it so that anybody can read it. I’m not sure how long it will take me to finish the story, I’m only on chapter four and I’m in a two year college program. I am also not sure about what happens when you finish it. Well I know you have someone read it and edit it and all that, but then what? How do I get it published?

Anyways, I just wanted to share my little dream of becoming a published author, and talk about my current project (which is that book about the girl with MHE).

While I was sitting here at my computer, I decided to take a couple of pictures of myself to try and give an example of what MHE looks like on the outside. Here goes it:


This is the scar on my right shoulder; I have had two surgeries on this arm to remove a bone tumour that just kept coming back. The scar is bubbly and ugly because my skin kielods when cut. See that round, bubbly dot to the right of the scar? That is where the drain was to draw out all the extra blood. Sorry if that was too much information…


This is my right hand; I decided to take a picture of it because I am right handed and this is the hand that I use for almost everything. I had a surgery on my middle figure to remove that tumour that makes my finger crocked but it appears to be back again.

picture-154.jpg picture-155.jpg

These are my legs. The legs that I push to continue to carry me wherever I want to go. There are so many little bumps within my legs that cause me daily aches and pains; especially the one above my right knee (sort of off to the outside area) and both the ankles. I have to say that I am quite proud of my legs; they continue to do the things I want them, even though they ache and really don’t want to. Sometimes, it takes a lot of will power to even get out of bed because these legs sometime don’t want to work. Yes, I realize that I am referring to my legs in a strange way, as if they have a mind of their own…and trust me, they do. If I am not nice to them and if I push them too hard, they won’t work very well for me. I’ll end up limping around and being in lots of pain, or I’ll still be in bed. So I have to be good to my legs by taking lots of sitting breaks if I walk or have to stand a lot and by taking short cuts such as taking the elevator to get to class.

And those are the areas on my body that my MHE is most noticeable to the untrained eye. You can see the outside effect, but I still can’t show you what MHE does. I can tell you, but you can’t see it. A lot of people who hear what MHE means are confused by it, they think that surely extra bones don’t hurt. They do hurt, they ache on a daily, constant basis.

But the important thing is I am alive, and I’m working hard to try and ensure that my disorder doesn’t own me. I prefer to think that I own it.



  1. khim said,

    Hey! Me too! I admire your courage to put the pictures on the blog! Let work towards a day where all the aches and pain stop!!!

    Cheers! 😛

  2. Tiffany said,

    Hello Ms. LC,

    I always love to get your comments on my blog. You are so sweet and very inspirational to me.

    I’d like to send you a free copy of my book…shhhh.

    If you’d like to email me privately, and send me your address, I will get you one as soon as my order arrives in early November.

    Thanks for all of your kind words and, although I don’t comment, I do read and love your blog!


  3. Tiffany said,

    Oops! I typed LC instead of JC!

  4. JC said,

    Khim; thanks!! I hope we can one day reach that day when all aches and pain stop…just for a minute even!! Breathing easy would be nice eh?

    Tiffany; Oh my gosh, no way!!! A free copy!?! I’m down with that! You can expect an email in half a minute! And you completely made up for calling me LC (*shivers* I hate that girl from Laguna Beach!) by offering to send me a free copy!! 😀

  5. Connie said,

    You go girl! Write away and make yourself and others happy and help them learn about life with a chronic illness. You are so awesome that I wanna give you a hug 🙂

    There’s such a difference between having such serious medical issues at a young age than getting them later in life (like me). You show such bravery but never in a show-off way. You ROCK!

  6. JC said,

    Connie thank you so much for that compliment! You have no idea how nice it is to hear that!!! 😀 Feel free to give me a hug, I’m not against hugs! I support them!

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