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October 11, 2007 at 2:41 pm (blogging, family, myself & I, rambling, real life, reflecting, story telling)

A couple days ago I spoke about someone very special to me. But he isn’t the only special person in my life; in fact there are several! I want to talk about them today because they all play major parts in my life, and each one of them has influenced the person I am today. They are a part of that strong support group I have previously mentioned, and I love them all!

granny and me

Granny: My grandma is a remarkable woman, I admire her so much. She is the rock of our family and can be found at every single little family gathering stuffing us all full of food until we explode. Granny is one tough cookie, you don’t want to mess with her, but she’s also a sweetheart. She says the most adorable things ever.

me and papa

Papa: My grandpa is the “figurehead” of the family. I say figurehead because he tends to let Granny run the show. He is an amazing man and he would do anything for my Granny and his family. Papa constantly makes hilarious jokes and has us all in stitches every single time. In June of this year, he had triple bypass surgery. I worried about it so much and words can’t explain just how happy I am that he is back to his normal self. For a while after the surgery, Papa wasn’t himself; but that’s normal after you have a major surgery like that. I’m glad to say he’s back to normal cracking jokes at every given opportunity!

dad and mom

My Parents: My Dad is my hero. I guess you could say I am daddy’s little girl. Obviously, I’m the favourite (joking!). He works so hard to give us all the stuff we need and want, all the stuff that he didn’t have growing up. He would do anything to make his girls happy, even if that meant selling his Harley’s (ok, we won’t go that far!). He is always smiling and always has a twinkle in his eye, even after working long days. My mom is also one of my heroes. She would do anything to allow us to have the life she never had as well. Sometimes, this means we get a little bit more freedom then allowed, but most of us (meaning me) know when and where to draw the line. Mom has stayed with me through every surgery, and waited on me hand and foot. My dad would also stay with me so my mom could go home and rest up, and he too waits on me hand and foot after a surgery (wow, I’ve got a lot of waiters now don’t I!). My mother is beautiful, courageous, thoughtful, and admirable. Not to mention she’s a wonderful cook!

me and shannon

Shannon: My oldest sister, about to be married in April of 2008. She has had the most life experience out of all of us, and therefore she knows things! Shannon loves to have fun, but she knows – sometimes – when to draw the line as well. She has such an amazingly friendly, outgoing personality that I’m envious of her. Problems seem to roll right off her shoulders, as if she doesn’t have the time of day for them! Shannon isn’t a fan of blood and gore though, so new scars and blood freaks her out, hospital’s too. Still, she has visited me every time I have been in the hospital and brought me magazines to take my mind off things

me and kathrynn

Kathrynn: My other older sister (she’s 19). Kathrynn has such a strong personality and such strong beliefs, you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side (unlike I almost always seemed to be in middle school/high school. Ah sisters). In any case, Kathrynn is strong willed and has such firm morals. If anybody trash talked one of us (and she didn’t agree with what they had to say) they might as well just dig a grave then! Kathrynn isn’t afraid to say what she thinks and feels. She gives her opinions fully knowing that the person may not like them. And that’s what I love about her! I certainly am not able to do such a thing! I always felt comforted knowing that she could destroy any person’s social life who bullied me in middle school or high school, since she was very popular.

me and josephine

Josephine: My younger sister, the “baby” of the family has grown up so much in the past 4 years it’s insane. Just 4 years ago when she was 11, she was climbing trees, wearing overalls and claiming that all boys had nasty cooties. Now she dresses more maturely and has been dating. Josephine knows what she wants and knows how to get it; admirable qualities. I think she would make the perfect business woman! After surgeries, Josephine has done everything from painting pictures with me to painting toes.


Karen: In my opinion, Karen is yet another older sister. She gives me advice when I need it, tells me when I’m being ridiculously stupid, and is there to be a shoulder to cry on (just like Shannon and Kate). She’s heard a lot of the stupid things I have done, but doesn’t judge me on them. Nor does it lower her opinion of me. She thinks I’m brave and strong, and she’s also visited me before in the hospital. She constantly makes me pretty backgrounds for my other blog, and buys me really amazing books (such as the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer). Karen has been through a lot as a child; and despite that, she is a wonderful person and mother to her two boys.

me and Joel

Joel: I have always considered Joel to be my only older brother, since he lived with us for a while when I was just a wee kidlet. Every time I see or hear from him, he manages to make me laugh. He’s a fun, truly awesome person and I know he would beat up any boy who broke my heart. Joel introduced me to my favourite Tim Hortons breakfast; a plain bagel toasted with butter, cheddar cheese, and bacon! For that I will be forever in his debt!

Now those are the lovely people in my “immediate” family and support group. My grandparents, parents, and siblings. I could go on forever about how they all mean so much to me, and how wonderful they are, but I don’t think I would have enough time in the day to do that! There is so much to say about all of them; but I think I have gotten the basics down.

Family means a lot to me. I eagerly anticipate any holiday that I get to be with them all, and I seriously get bummed out if I don’t see one of them (for instance I didn’t get to see Joel and Karen this Thanksgiving – and I was bummed out). I know half of them are going to slaughter me when they see the pictures I have put up of them (even though I think they are perfectly fine pictures), so I should prepare!



  1. Connie said,

    You are blessed with a loving and supportive family. Many people don’t have that when they are sick. I’m happy for you!

  2. JC said,

    Thanks Connie! I’m happy for me too, and I know I’m very luck to have them!

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