Why I love Thanksgiving

October 8, 2007 at 2:34 am (blogging, family, myself & I, rambling, real life, story telling)

Where I live the weather has been so warm that it hasn’t really felt like early October. On Friday, it was so hot out I purposely walked under a sprinkler because I needed to cool down! However, the nights are getting colder and the leafs are changing colours. Fall has got to be one of my favourite sessions, only because of the changing leafs. They are so pretty to look at – if I was any good at art then I would be painting the beautiful colours of fall right now. Ok, maybe I would have to wait until tomorrow when it’s day light and I could actually see the beautiful colours of fall but that is beyond the point. The point is I love fall.


It’s not to warm, and it’s not too cold. Unless it’s rainy and damp out like it was yesterday. I dislike rainy and damp. Well, more accurately my bones dislike rainy and damp.

Anyways, with fall comes the glorious day of Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving for several reasons; one of them being the food is amazing – and who wouldn’t agree with that statement? Turkey, home-made stuffing, potatoes of all kinds – you’d be insane to hate that kind of food! Especially after eating canned ravioli and frozen dinners all week long. Yup, the food is amazing. I even managed to bring home some left overs!

I’m getting a bit off track though; the main part of the post is to focus on why I love Thanksgiving; and although the food is amazing, that isn’t the main reason why I love this little mini holiday. One of my favourite things about this mini holiday is that I get to spend time with my family. Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is a time for my immediate family who lives near by to all gather and eat good food and enjoy the good company.

A couple years ago, at one family dinner, my Granny decided to come up with two of our own traditions for special holidays when we all get together (and sometimes, just for birthday dinners to annoy people!). One of these special traditions was to look at the person on your left and say something nice about them. I know this is a little thing to most people, but my Granny takes a lot from it. We all do. Those nice comments stick with us. The other tradition is to say something you are grateful for.

my sisters, myself, and my grandparents

(Me, Papa, Granny, Josephine; Kathrynn & Shannon)

This year, we all had a lot to be grateful for. In June of this year, my Papa had triple bypass surgery, and we are all so grateful and thankful that he’s still up to his sarcastic antics and jokes. He scared us for a bit there, but we know he’s back to his old laughing self – and that is really something to be grateful for. He is such a strong, admirable man and one of the bravest people I know. Than there is the fact that my eldest sister, Shannon, is finally engaged to her boyfriend Nelson. They are getting married April 12th of 2008. My other sisters and I are all grateful that she didn’t pick us out ugly bridesmaid dresses with poofy sleeves, and we’re grateful that our sister has fallen for someone so perfect for her.

Like every family dinner, there are so many memories and moments that I cherish. I cherish every moment with my family, and I love them. I am so lucky to have such a strong, loving family. Every one of them is special and different.

There are several things that my sister Shannon said during dinner that I believe to be very true. She said something along the lines of; “Nelson, you and the rest of the guys have very big shoes to fill. Just look at my Dad and Papa”  and those words couldn’t be truer. She also said “Granny is the rock of this family,” which is so very true.

I could go on for hours about how my Granny, Papa, father, mother and everybody else are amazing, strong, loving people – but I think I’ve made my point.

And that point is that I am very lucky.


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