The Drug Effect

September 29, 2007 at 1:49 pm (blogging, opinions, rambling, real life, reflecting, story telling)

Any teenager who tells you that they have never tried smoking marijuana would be lying straight to your face – especially with this generation. I know in my school, everybody smoked marijuana or had at least tried it. The real “hard core” druggies were out at the “smokers pit” lighting joints on breaks, it was pathetic.

I would be lying too if I told you I had never tried smoking marijuana. Or drank underage. I have tried those things, and to be honest – I didn’t really like those things. Truthfully, I am what’s considered a social drinker, I will have a glass of something to socialize if everyone else is drinking. I won’t get drunk though, and I won’t force myself to drink something that I don’t like. I have never been that way.

I don’t smoke marijuana though, and when I tried it in grade 11, I didn’t like it. I was curious about it because of the term “medical marijuana” – the drug they gave people suffering from extreme pain. I wanted to see what marijuana would do to a person like me who has chronic pain.

However, marijuana and I didn’t take too kindly to each other. If anything, it had the opposite effect of what I thought it would have. I thought it would make my pains more bearable, but it only increased the pain I had been feeling before. Strange eh? I think so. That’s why I don’t smoke marijuana – because I dislike the effect it has on me. I also dislike taking any kinds of drugs that “numb” the pain. 

I suppose this is yet another reason that confirms the fact that I am indeed a medical mystery. The opposite thing from what they think will happen always happens to me. I guess that would mean my mystery is easily solved – expect the opposite – but it’s still curious to wonder about these things.

I bring this up today because I am curious to hear the responses from my reader’s who have chronic pain and who have tried smoking marijuana. Did it take away the daily pains? Or did it have the opposite effect and make your pain much worse then it was? Answer honestly!


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  1. amanda said,

    I cannot speak for myself, but I can honestly say that the only big regret in life is not pushing for homeopathic and natural treatments for Eric. That includes MJ for pain. I don’t know how it would have worked for him, but it would have been less toxic and addictive than what he was prescribed. It would have been worth a try.

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