Exhaustion vs Money

September 24, 2007 at 10:41 pm (myself & I, rambling, real life, reflecting, story telling)

It is only week 4 of the first semester college term and already, I feel over my head. Assignments and papers are being tossed out weekly, due not even a week later. I have a total of three tests this week; and my head is spinning. I am having difficulty prioritizing important pressing things with the not so important things. I have always been the Queen of Procrastination; only this year, I was looking to curb that nickname and actually get things done in advance.

So far, all of my assignments are completed. It’s just the studying for the tests that is getting me. I suppose it doesn’t help that I am literally exhausted from walking around the school all day and all I want to do is sleep. My college is HUGE, and my classes are wide spread. I was shown short cuts to each class before I started school; however I can’t for the life of me remember those short cuts. I should also be using the elevator; but I dislike anything that would make me feel less independent. I know, an elevator would seriously help out my situation, however…I have a little secret; I’m afraid of elevators. Not all elevators, just the really old ones. Unfortunately, our college has really old elevators. And they are tiny. They make me feel claustrophobic.

I am slightly concerned about this year, considering the amount of physical and emotional exhaustion I already feel. In a week or so, I hope to add at least one job to my list of things to do. Working – although even more physically draining – seems to help me emotionally. Today, I had an interview for a job at the front desk of the student counsel office. I believe it went very well, and I’m eagerly anticipating my interview’s outcome. This job will schedule me to work in between classes, as the office is only open from 8am until 4pm.

Tomorrow, I am going uptown for yet another interview. This interview will be for a local group home that I heard about through a woman in my program. The clients are developmentally challenged, and the environment seems a lot like the one of the recreational group I volunteer at. I plan on working with the developmentally challenged when I graduate with my Social Service Work degree, so clearly this job would look amazing on my resume and be a wonderful learning experience.

A very intelligent part of my brain tells me that I shouldn’t accept offers for both jobs (should I get them) as I have never worked two jobs before plus attended school full time. Having one part time job was stressful enough on me – but to counteract that point, the job I worked at was in fast food and it was very demanding on my body. I wasn’t able to stand for the 8 hour shifts. The office position offers a chair – so I would get to sit while I worked, and the group home position offers night shifts – which are when you get paid to sleep at night. Not to mention, I need the money. I want to be able to afford to eat, not to mention save a bit for next year so I will be better off – financially anyway. I can see how it goes for a little while…if I get both jobs that is. If it proves to me too much, I can always quit one or reduce shifts.

Plus I am hoping to train my body to be able to handle more physical stress. I’m not too sure how that’s going to work out, but I hope it will work out for the best. I want to lead a successful, fulfilling life in my chosen career of social work. In order to do that, my body needs to handle the high demands of full time work.

In other, completely random news; Connie from My Chronic Life has got me hooked on blogger love. I’m rather ashamed that it doesn’t take a lot to get me hooked on new things, this is why I never picked up smoking!


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